Welcome to Discussing Disney.

A web site with a focus on Disney parks and movies with other stuff thrown in from time to time too!

Growing up during Disney’s Renaissance period during the 1990s I was spoilt by movies such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King.

Family trips to both the then newly opened Euro Disney and Walt Disney World compounded my love for Disney.

Being able to introduce my children to new Disney movies and take them to the parks has been a privilege and brought a lot of joyful memories too.

There’s nothing quite like visiting a Disney theme park and seeing your favourite characters brought to life. And it’s even more special seeing the joy on your children’s faces when they interact with their favourite characters or riding their favourite ride.

But, for me the love for Disney grows away from the parks and on the big screen. We’re living in an era of unprecedented Disney production. We’ll look back on this as a golden age in Disney history and I really hope this website brings just a tiny bit of that Disney Magic to life in this small corner of the internet.

Thanks for finding and reading my blog. I hope you enjoy it.


August 2018