Orlando Disney World Tickets – Park Hopper Back In January

Guests at Orlando’s Walt Disney World will soon be able to buy park hopper tickets once again this January.

Since Walt Disney World reopened this summer there have been a lot of extra measures in place to deal with the ongoing coronavirus. Indeed, Disney World tickets could only be bought for one park per day.

However come January 1st 2021 visitors wishing to visit Disney World will be able to visit more than one of the four parks on the same day but there’s a couple of caveats still.

  • Guests still to book their 1st park.
  • Guests must fulfil their booking in the 1st park.
  • Park hopping begins at 2pm.

In theory this should also be good news for dining reservations as visitors will once again have the flexibilty to dine in a different park than where they begin their day.

Also, according to Disney they’re hoping to open one of the water parks sometime in Spring 2021.

What do you think of Park Hopping returning?

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