New Toy Story 4 Promotion


As you may be aware I’m pretty excited by the fact that Toy Story 4 is coming out later this year! In fact I put it as my Number 1 most anticipated film release of the year.

And just a couple of days later Pixar released a couple of new teases for the forthcoming release. Nice timing!

Firstly, we got to see a really awesome little short animation that sees our favourite Space Ranger, Buzz Lightyear and Cowboy, Woody being suitably surprised to see Bo Peep burst through the backdrop in what appears to be a huge makeover in her appearance.  Bo Peep arrives with a bang and some kick ass moves!

And it wasn’t just the animation either.  Pixar also treated us to this really cool image of Bo Peep too, who looks like she’s just returned from Jedi training!  (Maybe the real reasons she wasn’t in Toy Story 3 was because she’d been off fighting the First Order!)


So what does this all mean?

Well, clearly Disney Pixar are telling us that Bo Peep is going to be a central figure in the new movie.  Both the teaser animation and the picture are Bo Peep centered and that will not be a coincidence.

The outfit change maybe significant to this theory too.

We have had no official word from Disney about why Bo Peep now looks like she does, but in my view it is likely that if she plays a more central role in Toy Story 4 then the animators need her to be more active and let’s be honest in her old outfit, that she donned in the first two movies, she didn’t really move freely or easily.

Also, the new look seemingly plays into Disney’s clear shift of late towards strong female characters too.  Bo Peep, in the images we see, certainly now looks like she can handle her own business without the need for any cowboy! And in the age we live in this is a positive move too.

Of course, some fans have different theories and the good folk over at The Animation Commendation pointed out that there is one theory that believes we could potentially see Bo Peep’s personality change in Toy Story 4 too.

Time will tell and thankfully we don’t have too much more time to wait.

What do you think to Bo Beep’s new kick ass style?

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