The Top 5 Most Anticipated Disney Movies released in 2019.

disney 2019 moviesI was reading recently that cinema attendance has had something of a resurgence over the past few years.  In fact 177 million tickets were bought in UK cinemas during 2018.

Fueled in no small part by huge blockbuster super hero movies such as Marvel’s Avengers: Infinity War and Black Panther attendance was the highest in almost 50 years!  Even a disappointing return for Star Wars spin off ‘Solo‘ (which I actually loved!) wasn’t enough to have a big impact in the overall money taken.

In terms of Disney IP we also saw plenty of other movies in 2018 including Mary Poppins Returns, Ralph Breaks The Internet, Incredibles 2, Christopher Robin, The Nutcracker and The Four Realms and Ant Man and The Wasp.

And the great news is, for Disney fans, that in 2019 Disney aren’t holding  back with a bumper slate of new movies set to hit the big screen! Thirteen new movies to be precise. In a recent poll, Disney hold the rights to 7 out of the 10 most anticipated movies we’ll see this year.

So what have we got to look forward to?  Here’s my Top 5 Most Anticipated (Disney owned) Movies in 2019…

5. Frozen 2

frozen 2

Potentially a controversial entry Frozen seems to be like Marmite – you either love it or hate it.  After arriving at the original a little later than some others I never caught Queen Elsa and Princess Anna at the cinema but it has become a firm favourite with my daughters and wife.  I have spent an awful lot of time belting out the (underrated) soundtrack too!

Plot details are being guarded pretty closely by Disney however we do know that Frozen 2 will take place mainly outside of Arendelle, deep into the forest to find the truth about an ancient mystery of the kingdom.

Expect a brilliant and brand new soundtrack and for Frozen Fever to take us all by storm this Christmas.

Frozen 2 will be with us on November 22nd 2019

4. The Lion King

lion king

If you’re in your 30’s or 40’s you were at the perfect age when the original and incredible Lion King movie came out.  And now Disney are hoping that that generation, many of whom will have their own kids now, will be nostalgic enough to take their sons and daughters along to create new life long fans of the story.

Despite The Lion King not being expected by Disney executives to be a sure fire hit, it absolutely smashed box office records,won all manner of awards, spawned one of the longest running West End and Broadway shows ever and remains to this day one of Disney’s most loved movies.

Not bad for a movie that essentially had Disney’s ‘B Team’ working on it.  At the time Disney expected Pocahontas to be the box office smash and had their best animators working on it.  Hard to believe looking back now!

Anyway as one of those 30 something people with my own children I am definitely in the category Disney are hoping for and I am ridiculously excited to see this remake.  The trailer that was released recently only made my excitement levels grow!

The Lion King (2019) will be in cinemas July 19th 2019.

3. Star Wars Episode IX

episode 9

After the shock ending in The Last Jedi it’s already felt like a long wait to find out what Rey and Finn will get up to in the concluding part of the sequel trilogy and how everything will be pulled together.

The good news is that The Force Awakens director JJ Abrams is back in place after the disappointment that was The Last Jedi.  For me this is probably the most exciting news we heard about the project.  Abrams did a great job with The Force Awakens and I think it’ll eventually be seen as a huge regret not to have him involved in Episode VIII.

Abrams promised to restore his ‘original vision’ for the trilogy when he was interviewed shortly after being unveiled as the director.

As ever with the Star Wars franchise plot details are kept well under wraps but expect to see lots of Storm Troopers misfiring, light sabre battles and Kylo Ren getting angry at stuff!  I can’t wait!

Star Wars: Episode IX is hitting the big screen on 20th December 2019

2. Avengers: End Game


Who doesn’t love Marvel super hero movies? Each film released seems to bring something new and interesting to the table and with such a wide base of characters what the team at Marvel have done with the expanded universe is absolutely fantastic.

With Infinity War ending on possibly the biggest cliff hanger in cinematic history I fully expect this particular title to smash box office records.

So what can we expect from End Game? Well you’d think some sort of order and for Thanos to be defeated.  But with such an unexpected ending in Infinity War who knows what Marvel have up their sleeve this time around.

It’s going to be fun finding out!

Avengers: End Game will be in your local multiplex on April 26 2019

1. Toy Story 4


So it’s going to take something special to knock the likes of End Game and Star Wars off the top spot but returning to an old friend seems like a sure way to happiness.

And what is Disney without nostalgia anyway?  Our favourite entertainment company love nothing more than to tug at our heart strings.  They’re the best at it.

And that’s why I love Toy Story. I love Toy Story 2.  I love Toy Story 3.  I love both the Toy Story short films too.

Whether or not you think Pixar should have left Toy Story alone after what’s widely regarded as the best trilogy in cinema is a moot point.  Toy Story 4 is on its way and from what we know about it, it is going to be different to the others.

Initially the plot was to centre around Woody’s search for Bo Peep, a character absent from Toy Story 3.  Whether that is still the case isn’t clear.

However we do know that the plot involves a road trip of some kind (the toys always love to get out of the house!) including a visit to a carnival where we meet two new characters; Ducky and Bunny, two fluffy toys that want to be won.  A third new character ‘Forky’ also appeared in the first trailer and it’s rumoured the plot may revolve around him.

Whatever the story is, it’s just super exciting to see that Toy Story is back on the big screen one more time and it will be a huge smash for sure.

Toy Story 4 is released on June 21st 2019.

The rest of Disney’s 2019 releases:

Captain Marvel — March 8, 2019

Dumbo — March 29, 2019

Penguins — April 19, 2019

Aladdin — May 24, 2019

Dark Phoenix — June 7

Spider-Man: Far From Home — July 5, 2019

The New Mutants — Aug. 2, 2019

Artemis Fowl — Aug. 9, 2019

Which Disney owned movie are you most excited to see this year?

5 thoughts on “The Top 5 Most Anticipated Disney Movies released in 2019.

  1. Toy Story 4 and Frozen 2 are my top 2, mostly because I’m curious to see how they play out rather than I’m dying to see them. I don’t really want them to give Elsa a gf in Frozen 2; I’d rather she remain single. And I really hope they don’t change the character of Bo Peep in TS4.


    1. Firstly thanks for taking the time to comment.

      I’m not sure that they’ll have any love interest for Elsa to be honest. As far as I’m aware it’s all just rumours. Obviously it depends what the story arcs are but there’s a good chance Elsa’s relationship status may not be a relevant factor in the film.

      Interested to know what do you think they might do with Bo Beep?

      Liked by 1 person

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