Zootopia Coming To Shanghai Disneyland!

zoootpiaAlthough we’re currently in a D23 Expo year, that hasn’t stopped Disney rolling with brand new announcements.  This time it was the turn of Shanghai Disneyland where we have learned that a Zootopia (Zootropolis in the UK) themed land is to be built.

The youngest of the Disney theme parks, opening in 2016, has seen growing visitor numbers ever since the very first rope drop and the Zootopia land will be the parks eighth themed area.

Exactly what the area will consist of is anybody’s guess at the moment but the details will no doubt come out sooner rather than later.  I’m sure the Imagineers have already created concepts for loads of attractions  and it’ll be so exciting to see what they do!

zootopia sloth

Personally I’d really like to see a ‘Flash Slothmore’ themed car ride through Zootopia!   I’d definitely pay money to ride that! And surely a pawpsicle will appear somewhere too!

Why Shanghai?

Some people on social media have already questioned why Shanghai gets this expansion rather than the American parks.

Aside from the fact that Disneyland and Walt Disney World are both currently undergoing huge investment with Galaxy’s Edge, Toy Story and various other attractions it’s not as random as it may appear.

Zootopia holds the Chinese box office record for an animated movie.  Simply put the Chinese adored watching Officer Hops and Nick Wilde, possibly even more than we did in Europe and the USA.

Add into that the already booming attendance in the Chinese park and it’s clear why Disney have opted to introduce this to the Chinese market first.

But that is the key word; first.

There’s nothing to suggest that this land won’t come to any of the other parks in the future.  Look no further than Epcot’s expansion and the introduction of the Ratatouille ride and area that has graced Disneyland Paris for several years already.  Epcot is getting their very own copy of the ride.  And in return Disneyland Paris will be getting it’s own take on Galaxy’s Edge too with its own Star Wars themed area sometime in the 2020s.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all, if this proves a success (and let’s be honest it is going to be successful) to see Disney bring it to Walt Disney World, for example.  It is likely to be more a case of when.

And with the D23 Expo coming to Anaheim this August 23-25, who knows what new announcements Disney will have up their sleeve this time around!  It’ll be essential listening no matter which continent you follow Disney from.

As ever it’s such a great time to be a Disney fan!

What Zootopia themed attractions would you like to see in Shanghai Disneyland?

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