22 Reasons To Try Disney Spring’s Latest Restaurant!


Since the transition from ‘Downtown Disney’ there has been an awful lot of development at ‘Disney Springs’.

Central to that development has been an increase in the number of eateries in the area.  With an eye watering 57 places to try out there really is something for everyone.  Fast food, fish restaurants, barbecues and grills and even a gluten free bakery!

As if Walt Disney World didn’t have enough restaurants and other places to eat, taking the total to 58 eating places, is brand new chicken specialist restaurant ‘Chicken Guy’.

Situated next to Planet Hollywood, Chicken Guy is the brainchild of celebrity chef Guy Fieri and restauranter Robert Earl, and features a range of fried and grilled chicken options including, chicken strips, burgers, salads, loaded fries and the restaurants USP…22 (yes twenty-two) different dipping sauces!

The sauces are all handily categorised on the menu in three categories; ‘Guy Favorites’, ‘Classics’ and ‘Hot & Spicy’.

Gluten free options are available too as I tweeted Chicken Guy to check as my daughter is coeliac.  I’m pleased to say that it appears a wide range of options are available for those not able to consume gluten.

tweet chicken guy

Among the wider menu you can order Three or Five Chicken Tenders ($5.99 / $7.99 respectively and also available on the Quick Service Dining Plan) and if you do so you get to choose 2 out of these 22 sauces!

Honestly I don’t know how I’m going to choose when I visit…

          Guy’s Favorites

  1. Special Sauce
  2. Donkey Sauce (sounds odd, right?!)
  3. Chipotle Ranch
  4. Ranchero
  5. Curry Mayo
  6. Wasabi Honey
  7. Cumin Lime Mojo

    The Classics

  8. Bourbon Brown Sugar BBQ
  9. Buffalo
  10. Bleu Cheese
  11. Buttermilk Ranch
  12. Lemon Pepper
  13. Honey Mustard
  14. Teriyaki
  15. Garlic Parmesan
  16. Sweet N’ Sour
  17. Avocado Crema

    Hot N’ Spicy

  18. Nashville Hot Honey
  19. Peri Peri
  20. Habenaro Hot Sauce
  21. Spicy Mayo
  22. Sweet Sriracha BBQ

I’ll be honest, some of them sound gross or just plain wrong (Donkey Sauce!!) but there’s definitely plenty on there for everyone.

If I had to choose right now, as a huge sriracha fan,

I’d definitely be going for the Sweet Sriracha BBQ and to mix it up a bit I’d probably also choose the Honey Mustard too.  However I keep changing my mind!

Which sauces would you choose?

Chicken Guy  is open now in Disney Springs.





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