4 Reasons Disney’s Halloween Celebrations Aren’t Premature!

MNSSHP MK1 Al LogueThere’s nothing unusual about Disney hosting a Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party before the end of October.  For years the celebrations have started in September and even more recently the end of August too.

So it should come as no surprise that Disney has shuffled the date forward even further this year.  Even by Disney standards the 17th August is insanely early, is it not?

Well apparently not. Not only did Disney host the party early but, predictably, they managed to sell the entire thing out too!

I think this is for a few reasons;

  1. Disney is a juggernaut.  The Magic Kingdom is the world’s busiest theme park with a quite incredible 20 million people passing through the gates in 2017.  If something different, special or novelty happens there’s going to be people who snap up the tickets.
  2. The Magic Kingdom doesn’t have many big showpiece occasions.  There’s really just Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  So the fact we’re 10 or 11 weeks from Halloween kind of doesn’t matter. If Disney put Halloween on in Spring I’m sure people would still flock to it.
  3. Lots of people can only go to Walt Disney World at certain times of the year.  For many families, this is August.  Disney don’t do anything without careful consideration.  Knowing that many children from both the USA and Europe are back at school towards the end of August it makes total sense to bring MNSSHP forward a little and ensures more families get the opportunity to attend, rather than miss out by a week or two.  They’re really just spreading the magic a little wider, right?
  4. We live in an age where people love experiences.  No longer are people satisfied with simply visiting Walt Disney World, they want more.  More chances to do unique things, more chances to take unique photos, more chances to interact with a wider range of characters.  We live in an age of social media where everyone likes to show off to their friends and family about stuff they’ve done.  MNSSHP fits this perfectly! Not everyone who goes to WDW gets to do the Halloween party.  If you do you can be sure you’ll be posting videos and pictures to Instagram and Facebook!

Let’s not forget that Disney love to make money too.  The bosses at Disney are well aware that people visiting the parks will lap up any special ticketed event because Disney do stuff so damned well.

Starting Halloween in August is simply a couple of extra weeks to make more money by selling a premium product earlier and keep guests happy whilst at it. With special character meets, different food, adapted rides and of course Halloween merchandise too amongst other incredible stuff it’s no wonder people want a piece of the action. It’s Win/Win for Disney and for their guests even at $74+ (£58+) for a ticket.

Personally, I don’t have any problem with Disney throwing MNSSHP in mid August.  It won’t surprise me if Disney eventually take it to the beginning of August and make it a three month event.  Swiftly followed by two months of Christmas.



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