Welcome to…Discussing Disney. A Disney Fan Site!


I’d like to start this new Disney fan blog by saying thank you for visiting and reading this.  I hope that you enjoy the site as it develops and grows. 

The site will look at all aspects of Disney however there will be a clear focus on Disney movies (including the Marvel and Star Wars worlds) and the incredible Disney theme parks. 

A little bit about why I love Disney

I’ve been fortunate enough to visit both Walt Disney World and Disneyland Paris on several occasions.  My family are all Disney park nuts and we’re about to book another trip to Disneyland Paris in order to celebrate the parks 25th anniversary year. 

My first trip to Paris was, in fact,  just a couple of months after the park opened in 1992 – when it was still called Euro Disney! I visited on a family holiday with my parents and my brother. The memories of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and Big Thunder Mountain still live strong in my memory! As does It’s a Small World (and it’s soundtrack!!)

Now, 25 years on I have 3 daughters of my own and I love building memories with them and my wife at DLP. My 3 and 5 year old daughters often ask “When can we go back to Disneyland?” I feel like my job as a parent has been a success!

Away from the parks I’m just a huge lover of Disney’s movies. I was fortunate enough to grow up during the 90s and The Disney Renaissance with such classics as Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and my favourite (of that era) The Lion King. 
My eldest daughter arrived in 2001 and as such Pixar movies became huge in our household.  Finding Nemo and Monsters Inc. played on a loop!  And Toy Story is very much a family favourite too. 

I think the reason I’m such a huge fan of Disney is that it unites my family. I have a wife, a teenage daughter and two very young daughters. There’s very few things such a dynamic family can all enjoy together. Disney allows for that to happen. We can all have our favourites but we can all appreciate all the amazing characters and stories that Disney create together. Whether it’s watching a classic like Beauty and the Beast or singing the soundtrack to (the brilliant ) Moana together in our kitchen, Disney, old and new, captures all our imaginations and provides so much joy. 

There really is nothing quite like Disney. It is special for so many reasons and ultimately I hope this blog is interesting but also reflects my passion and love for the company. 

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